About Gameday Radio

Gameday Radio provides professional internet radio baseball play-by-play broadcasts for youth and high school teams across the country.  Our broadcasts are generated from live game action that is recorded during the game by coaches using existing mobile sports scoring applications such as iScoreSports and others. We enable parents and fans to fully experience their child’s and team’s achievements from their smart phone, tablet, or home computer.

The Gameday Radio play-by-play is dynamic and life-like, similar to that experienced in modern sports-related video games such as MLB 2K13 and Madden NFL 15. Announcer utterances are dynamically created by stitching together professionally recorded phrases, background noises, and sound effects. Player names and interesting factoids are also pre-recorded and integrated into the play-by-play, creating a very realistic broadcast.

In addition to the game broadcasts, Gameday Radio also provides On-Demand Summaries, Post-Game Highlights and Full Game Downloads. On-Demand Summaries are meant to provide an in-game update to parents and fans who can’t listen to the entire game, but want an immediate update.  Post-Game Highlights are meant to allow players, parents, and friends the ability to listen to the exciting calls made during key moments of the game, and share them using social media. Top Ten plays of the day are also compiled and streamed via Gameday Radio website as a regular ‘Baseball Tonight’ show featuring highlights from across the entire Gameday Radio network. Full Game Downloads allow families to save the broadcast of entire games for archiving / future use.

With Gameday Radio, you can:

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David Soderna

David founded Gameday Radio to enable parents and fans to always 'be at the game', even when their lives prevent them from being at the diamond. His vision is to help baseball families celebrate their baseball successes by telling the incredible stories that coaches experience every weekend and help preserve and share those memories with friends and family.

David’s journey to the majors began when he was just in high-school and ‘played’ semi-pro ball at Micrograms, an educational software company where he hit many home runs developing educational games like Numberjack™ and Even Steven™. These successes got the interest of pro scouts and soon Soderna was playing in the minor leagues in Chicago with Sears Roebuck and in Orlando with General Mills Restaurants where he dominated opposing pitchers with his prodigious coding skill and speed.

David jumped to triple-A when he moved from the Developer League to the Consulting League, initially signing with Whittman-Hart in Chicago. Here Soderna continued to develop as an all-around player, having great successes and also monumental challenges against Fortune-500 opponents. Soderna had a brief stint in the majors when he signed with Azamba, an internet start-up formed when the leagues expanded during the dot-com bubble, but was soon back in the Consulting League where he played for a variety of teams such as Emerging Solutions and PointBridge/Perficient.

His official playing days over, David is once again in the major leagues as Owner and General Manager of Gameday Radio, where he’s formed a team that's built-to-win in the competitive start-up landscape of Chicago. David is still on the field though, having built the early Gameday Radio prototypes and demonstrations, as well as collaborating with the team on all technical matters.

David is actually the Founder and CEO of Gameday Radio.  
You can reach him at david@gamedayradio.net


Fred DiDominick

Fred took a long, tough road to get to the 'Bigs'.  After spending some time in the Instructional League at Cleveland (John Carroll University - BS - Mathematics) and Bloomington (Indiana University - MBA), Fred bounced around the Mainframe League with a few stops at Quaker Oats, FMC and Liquid Carbonic.  Along the way he became a good utility player, learning new skills in Operations Research, Marketing and Financial Decision Support Systems, Executive Systems and Packaged Solutions. 

Fred's became a player/manager in the Client/Server League where his teams successfully implemented large-scale, multi-site solutions and won a number of innovation awards.  Fred's big break came when he joined the Consulting League and helped jump start Emerging Solutions, growing from 5 to over 100 players.  Always a team player, Fred played a variety of positions including Consultant, Practice Lead, Sales and Marketing Lead, and Equity Owner.  Fred continues to be active in the Consulting League.

At Gameday Radio, Fred serves as Director of Baseball Operations, providing strategic and business advice to the GM, as well as a variety of sales and marketing responsibilities.

Fred is a Gameday Radio Vice President and can be reached at fred@gamedayradio.net


Dan Breed

After years as a utility player in the minors, Dan Breed finally has his shot in the majors with Gameday Radio where he plays the position of Broadcasting Manager.

Hailing from the literal ‘farm system’ of Stockton, Illinois, he started playing baseball at a young age and got his big break at age 18 when he was the first overall selection to become an announcer/host on local radio station WFRL/WXXQ in single-A Freeport, Illinois.

After completing a rigorous off-season program that included playing in fall and winter developmental leagues at the University of Illinois-Springfield, Breed soon was promoted to the Springfield double-A team at WICS-TV, the local NBC affiliate, where he was a valued switch hitter, playing both sides of the plate as a Floor Director and News Photographer. This did not go unnoticed by the triple-A team in Rockford, Illinois. After a blockbuster trade, Dan was sent to Rockford CBS affiliate WIFR to play the position of Chief News and Sports Photographer, where he rounded out an award-winning lineup soon becoming their everyday lead-off hitter.

Since then, Dan has bounced around the minor leagues as a utility man, playing virtually every position including writer, producer, and play-by-play commentator and color analyst for both baseball and football.

Dan's latest move finally brings him up to the majors. His contract was selected by Gameday Radio so he can lend his expertise in helping develop the phrases and baseball stories that go into each game's professional radio broadcast.

Dan actually is Gameday Radio's Broadcasting Manager.  
Contact him at dan@gamedayradio.net