At Gameday Radio, we say we are bringing a professional radio play-by-play experience to youth baseball.  While this feels new and exciting, knowledgeable baseball fans know that what we're doing is actually not very new at all.  The first professional baseball game was broadcast in 1921, and until the 50's many baseball games, especially road games, were done through what is called 're-creation.' 

"It's about the kids, not the score."

My youth baseball career ended before it began.  It was early summer in the late seventies, and I remember my dad driving me to our first practice.  I was nervous, and couldn't muster the courage to join my would-be teammates.  I'm sure my dad encouraged me to get out there and play and have fun, but in the end we left without ever exiting the car. 

Merkle’s Boner: Baseball History, Radio Prehistory

Merkle’s Boner:  Baseball History, Radio Prehistory

Merkle’s Boner, a baserunning gaffe by New York Giant Fred Merkle in a game against the Chicago Cubs in 1908, arguably cost the Giants the NL pennant and almost instantly became one of the most controversial MLB plays of all time.  It also occurred more than a decade before the advent of radio, so no audio record of the event exists.  Here at Gameday Radio, we took it upon ourselves to bring you that moment in baseball history, and we certainly learned a lot in the process of creating it!

Welcome to Gameday Radio

Welcome to our updated web site which includes an awesome video that illustrates the core mission of Gameday Radio: Giving parents and fans the opportunity to 'Be at the Game', when they can't be at the field.  We've got a some audio clips demonstrating what our broadcasts will sound like, a blog where the Gameday Radio team will tell our story, and team bios so you can get to know us better.