Gameday Radio: My Story

Hi, I’m David Soderna, founder and CEO of Gameday Radio.  I thought I'd share a short story about how the idea of Gameday Radio came about.  I hope you enjoy it:

Gameday Radio was born about four years ago when my IT consulting career demanded significant Midwest travel – I was in the car a lot – and I listened to a lot of baseball on the radio.  Vin Scully, Pat Hughes, Bob Uecker, I caught them all.  On one particular trip, I was driving home with a colleague, and was quite anxious because I was missing my eleven year old son pitch in the final game of a big tournament.  Luckily, his team used a cool iPad App to keep score, and I was able to follow along through the updates provided by the app -- mostly. Updates were often very slow to show up, sometimes taking minutes between pitches until suddenly everything would happen at once.  Quite frustrating when you're as curious as I was.

Anyway, as my journey home progressed and as the game intensified, following the action on my phone became quite a challenge for me and was not a very safe thing to do while driving. My colleague, either due to his sudden interest in my son’s game, or more likely out of concern for his own safety, grabbed my phone and spontaneously took on the role of play-by-play man for his one-person captive audience. The balls and strikes kept coming, and my colleague kept this anxious dad in-tune with all the game action.  As I drove and listened, I thought back to all of those games I had listened to on the radio and the idea for Gameday Radio started to form. Could I take the data generated by these mobile score-keeping applications and turn it into a radio broadcast?  Could I tell the story of the game, with exciting game action, interesting analysis, and even color commentary?

Well, fast-forward to 2014 and the answer to those questions is yes! The Gameday Radio team is working hard to make my idea a reality. We’re building Gameday Radio to give parents and fans like me a way to be at the game when they can’t be at the field.  We want to give everyday kids playing on regular teams across the country a way to celebrate their on-field successes and preserve their memories, just like the teams we see on TV having fun in the Little League World Series.  We also want to provide another reason for kids to choose baseball by helping them make a connection with baseball’s illustrious past and to the magic and wonder of baseball on the radio.  

Our technology is making what was once impossible, possible. Cloud computing platforms now give us the horse-power to simultaneously ‘listen’ to the data generated from thousands of games and our unique algorithm for stitching together pre-recorded phrases allow us to give every team a home-town announcer who can describe the action and tell the stories coming from the park, field, or corner diamond in your town.

I know that many of you have wished you could ‘be at the game’ when your work or life responsibilities required you to be elsewhere. Soon, Gameday Radio will give you the opportunity to do just that.

Gameday Radio.  Be At the Game.