Welcome to Gameday Radio

Welcome to our updated web site which includes an awesome video that illustrates the core mission of Gameday Radio: Giving parents and fans the opportunity to 'Be at the Game', when they can't be at the field.  If you haven't seen it yet, click over to our home page and watch it now.  I'll wait for you here.

The site also includes our brand new blog, which gives me and the rest of the Gameday Radio team the chance to tell some of the stories about why I founded Gameday Radio and our adventures in bringing this technology to life.  We hope to have a lot of 'hits' and 'runs' to share, but I'm sure you'll see some 'errors' too.

We've included a few clips that highlight the kind of play-by-play we expect to produce at Gameday Radio.  I hope you enjoy listening to an at bat or two, and hope you can imagine using Gameday Radio to listen to your little-leaguer round the bases.

Our site also introduces you to the Gameday Radio team.  We hope you have as much fun reading how each of us made it to the 'big-leagues' as we had writing our stories. In writing mine, I realized I would like to personally thank every client, customer, peer, team member, and manager that helped me develop the tools, expertise, and perseverance to attempt to bring Gameday Radio to life, but that would be too long of a list to do here. I believe we are the sum of our experiences, and I have all of you to thank for making me what I am today.  Thank You.

With that, please check out our web site and register so we can tell you when Gameday Radio makes it to your neighborhood diamond. Click here to comment on this post. Also, feel free to like us on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay tuned for more blog posts and other exciting news and stories about Gameday Radio and baseball on the radio.

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David Soderna
Founder/CEO, Gameday Radio